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These tools are custom made in the UK by Crimson Guitars and are based on some of the finest files in the world and made to traditional design.

The rectangular file measures 17cm long (including handle) by 1cm wide. 

The teeth are much finer than the traditional crowning file as this tool is designed to get right up close to the fretboard as you dress the fret ends perfectly.  Two sides of the file are ground smooth and polished and then one edge is slightly rounded over and ground 'safe' so you can angle the file without worrying about damaging your fretboard.  The other side is left with teeth right up to the square edge so that you can file away the last little nib of fret end that always stays behind when using other tools.

This tool also works perfectly as a finer version of the nut shaping file and removes scratches from the coarser nut shaping file we also offer.

  • Sapele Handle
  • Hand made in the UK

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