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An easy way to make your frets shine, these Fret Rubbers are rubber impregnated with abrasive grit and they come in four grades: Coarse (220 grit), Medium (400 grit), Fine (600 grit) and Super-fine (1200 grit). 

These hand moulded fret rubbers are made in the UK and are much easier to use when polishing a guitar's fret wire than steel wool and leave less damaging mess.  

The rubber is semi rigid and has been formulated to conform to the shape of any fret you have and thus polishes the whole fret every time.  You will need to mask off your fretboard. 

The coarse grit is perfect for removing scratches from 400 grit sandpaper and the grades move up to super-fine which leaves a mirror-like polish without the need for any further polishing compounds or machines.

  • Coarse, medium, fine or super-fine grade 
  • Professional fret finish, easily
  • Quickly gets rid of sanding marks
  • Follows fret shape and polishes every surface
  • Made entirely in the UK

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