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2-1/8" string spacing ..

Comes with bridge plate, trem block, saddles (with screws and springs), trem claw (with screws), trem springs x3, pivot posts and trem-arm.


Bridge Plate

Length at widest point: 83.5mm

Length at narrowest point: 73.5mm

Width at widest point: 40mm

Width at narrowest point: 23mm

Thickness of bridge (not inc. lip): 2.7mm

Thickness of bridge (inc. lip): 8.4mm

String hole spacing (E-E - centre to centre): 54mm (2-1/8")

Overall distance across the three mounting screw holes: 44mm

Pivot post spacing (centre to centre): 56mm


Trem Block

Length: 64mm

Width: 14.3mm

Depth: 42mm



Length: 20mm

Width: 10mm

Depth: 5.7mm

Distance between string slot and bottom of saddle: 3.5mm

Length of string slot: 12mm

Width of string slot: 3.2mm


Screws and Trem Springs

Saddle intonation screw (metric) : Length (inc.head): 17.7mm

                                               : Thread diameter:2.88mm

Saddle height screw (metric)      : Length: 7.9mm

                                               : Thread diameter: 2.9mm

Trem claw screw                       : Length (inc. head): 44.9mm

                                               : Diameter: 4.09mm

Tremolo springs                        : Length (of spring part): 51mm

                                               : Diameter: 8.38mm


Tremolo spring claw

Thickness: 1.2mm

Claw side: Length at widest point: 50mm

              : Length at narrowest point: 48mm

              : Distance between each claw prong: 11mm

              : Depth : 17mm

Hole side : Length at widest point: 47mm

              : Length at narrowest point: 40mm

              : Distance between screw holes: 33mm

              : Depth : 13mm


Pivot Posts

Post anchor: Overall length: 22.5mm

                 : Diameter at widest point: 10mm

                 : Diameter at narrowest point (at bottom of post) : 9mm

                 : Inside diameter: 5mm

Post:          :Overall Length: 23mm

                 : Length of threaded part: 17mm

                 : Diameter of head : 6.4mm

                 : Diameter of thread : 5.9mm

                 : Inside diameter: 2.55mm

                 : Length of grub screw in post: 11.9mm


Trem arm

Length from top to first bend : 57mm

Length from first bend to second bend : 81mm

Length from second bend to bottom: 40mm

Outside diameter: 5.6mm

Inside diameter: 3.41



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