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Hollow Point® intonation system for double locking Floyd Rose® style and Ibanez® Edge tremolos. Designed to help set the intonation on a double locking guitar tremolo accurately and efficiently. Heavy duty all brass Hollow Points® reduce set up time and improve the overall appearance of the bridge, giving it a meaner look and more sustain.


Easy installation with the BLITZ Method®:

B - "Bomb" the trem unit by depressing the arm to its fullest extent
L - Loosen the Saddle Mounting Screw
I - Intonate the string by adjusting the position of the saddle
T - Tighten the Saddle Mounting Screw
Z - Zero out the fine tuner within the groove of the Hollow Point

Each package includes the following components:
6 Hollow Point® intonation inserts
6 threaded set screws
1 3mm hex wrench
1 2.5mm hex wrench
1 2mm hex wrench

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