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A notched straight edge is a recent invention and a welcome one, it helps the luthier or guitar repair person to see how flat the actual fretboard is rather than just the frets and this makes for a much more precise fret job.  

All notched straight edges we have found for sale so far have simply been laser cut from steel or aluminium and are then sold, what most people don't realise is that metal MOVES when parts of it are cut away and these other 'straight edges' can not be guaranteed. These notched straight edges are precision cut from 5mm thick steel and then hand ground and lapped to a flatness of 0.01mm in a meter.  This is flatter in fact than most commercial straight edges and guaranteed with the Crimson Guitars seal of quality and durability.
All standard straight edges that are used in wood working workshops all over the world have a bevel ground on the side, this reduces the surface that makes contact with your wood and gives you a much better chance of actually seeing any errors. Both edges are ground to give you the best chance of a straight neck and offer you what is simply the very best tool for the job, made in the UK by Crimson Guitars.
The notched straight edges are finished with a 2K automotive spattered satin finish. This is to give the tool a textured surface, reducing the risk of dropping the tool on a guitar. It allows you to see the gaps much more clearly and helps make your job that much easier.

One side is notched to fit over long scale Fender and Martin frets and the other to fit over most Gibson and PRS scale lengths 25", 24.75" and 25.5".  

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