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Standard - 191mm (7.52 inches) x 92 mm high (3.62 inches) x 64mm (2.52 inches).  Single indentation will be approx. 81mm (3.2 inches) and 'Leg' indentations, approx. 82mm (3.23 inches) off your work surface.

These dimensions may not be exact as each rockin' neck rest is made by hand and finished individually.  The wood types may not match the photographs and we often use exotic wood off cuts from various guitar builds

An improvement over standard designs the Rockin' neck rest.  It rocks to adjust itself to the height and position of the guitar automatically and provides more support under the neck for fret leveling and fret installation work when you are exerting lots of downward pressure.  In this position the neck rest becomes unstable when pushing sideways, for example when crowning or polishing frets, and in this case just turn it over and use the single neck pocket while the two 'legs' give you all the support you will ever need.  The important parts are covered with a natural felt that has been tested and should not harm finishes (don't leave a guitar on here for weeks on end though, just in case) and the wood, locally harvested and milled 5 miles from Crimson Guitars Dorset workshops. Each neck rest is finished with a hand applied coat of melamine lacquer to a matte finish.  These are hand made one by one.

  • Rocks to adjust to different guitars and positions easily
  • Swaps over to more conventional neck rest with greater lateral support
  • Safe and natural materials
  • Hand made in the UK with pride

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