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Made for Fender® and used on a variety of vintage and contemporary models.


  • Package contains 12 Phillips head, 10-32 X 1-1/2" (38mm) nickel machine screws
  • Used for mounting an amplifier chassis
  • Used on '57 Twin®, Blues Deluxe™/DeVille™, Pro Junior™, Hot Rod Deluxe™/DeVille™, Blues Junior™, '59 Bassman®, '63 Fender® Tube Reverb, Bronco™, Bass Breaker™, '57 Deluxe™, Bassman® TV Series, EC Twinolux™/Tremolux™, '57 Champ®, EC Vibro-Champ™ and '57 Bandmaster amplifiers (1994-present)

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