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CTS 250K/500K Stacked Concentric Pot, Audio (Log) Taper

500K volume (inner pot) and 250K tone (outer pot). Includes nut washer.


Knobs to fit - MK 0137-002 Gold; MK 0137-003 Black; MK 0137-010 Chrome; MK 3338-000 Chrome top/Black bottom

Threaded section of shaft :  diameter : 9.4mm

                                             height : 6.1mm

Bottom shaft for lower knob: diameter : 6.8mm

                                               height: 6.4mm

Upper shaft for upper knob: diameter : 5mm

                                              height: 8mm


Pot base:  diameter: 24mm

                height: 20mm


Overall height of pot: 44mm

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