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Switchcraft Guitar Parts

Switchcraft are well known in the guitar industry for manufacturing premium parts. They offer a wide range of different jack sockets and switches for use on the majority of guitar makes and models.

Their range includes:

  • #11 Mono Jack sockets  (EP-0055-000)
  • Mono and Stereo Barrel jacks (EP-0151-000, EP-0152-000)
  • Endpin jack sockets (EP-4161-001)
  • Short straight toggle switches (mainly used on Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul style guitars. EP-4066-000)
  • Right-angled toggle switches (for thinner archtops, 335s etc. EP-4365-000
  • Long Straight toggle switches (for thicker guitars. EP-4367-000)
  • Right-angled toggle switch for double neck guitars! (EP-4378-000)


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