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Comes with saddles and screws.

Top loading


Bridge Plate

Length: 75mm

Width: 42mm

Height (inc. lip) : 10mm

Height (not inc. lip) : 2.9mm

Overall distance of mounting holes: 44mm (22mm between each)

String spacing (E-E): 54mm


Saddles  -Chrome version same as BP-2315-010

3 left, 3 Right

Length : 19mm

Width (of string slot end): 10.8mm

Diameter (of string slot end): 6mm



Saddle height screws (metric): Length :10mm

                                           : Diameter: 2.8mm (same thread as GS-0049-003)

Saddle intonation screws (metric) : Length (inc. head): 21mm

                                                 : Diameter: 2.8mm (same thread as GS-3324-005)

Bridge mounting screws: Length (inc. head) : 25mm (same as GS-0063-***)

                                  : Diameter: 3.5mm

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