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Razor® - Cut Through The Mix„¢

Like a sleeping dragon, Razor has been quietly crafting exceptional guitar and bass pickups in Japan since 1996.  Originally conceived to provide players with high-quality upgrade options, the emphasis was always on quality and consistency vs. hype and promotion.  Designed in Texas and manufactured in Japan, the brand uniquely combines an American understanding of tone with exceptional MIJ production standards.  Today, the dragon is awake, and ready to rule the oceans of tone.  Fine as a razor™s edge, your tone will cut through the mix!   

Razor® Hihō Hidden Gem Single-Space Stacked Humbucking Pickup For Stratocaster® - White

'秘宝 - (pronounced Hihō) - Hidden Gem

The Razor® Hihō (Hidden Gem) Single-Space Stacked Humbucking Bridge Pickup for Stratocaster® hides a secret "hidden gem" second coil under the top coil.  This design offers you the power, tone, and hum-cancelling of a full-size humbucker while retaining the look and size of a traditional Strat® pickup!  If you're looking for a way to dramatically expand the sonic range of your Strat®, without heavy modifications or changing the appearance, the Razor® Hihō is the hidden the gem you've been searching for!  


  • DC Resistance: 18K
  • Magnets: Alnico 5 Magnets, staggered height
  • Winding Wire: #44 polyurethane coated wire
  • Pickup Leads: 
    • 4-conductor wire gives you the option to add coil-splitting, phase-switching and series/parallel switching. 
    • For stock 2-conductor wiring applications, solder the Red and White wires together.
  • Included Covers: White
  • Included Parts:  Screws, springs and surgical tubing for mounting to pickguard

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