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Comes with saddles and screws and allen wrench (for adjusting saddle height screws)

Adjustable spacing 2 inch - 2-1/4 inch (50mm - 56.5mm)

Top Loading

Radiused top

Allen wrench same as AW-4210-003

Base Plate

Length: 72mm

Width: 50mm

Height: inc. lip at centre: 11.8mm

           inc. lip at ends: 10mm

           not inc. lip at centre: 4.5mm

           not inc. lip at ends: 3.4mm

String hole spacing (E-E, centre to centre) : 50mm

Overall distance between mounting holes (centre to centre): 40mm (20mm between each)



3 left, 3 right

Length: 26mm

Width (at widest point): 10.6mm

Height (inc. roller saddle) : 6.4mm


Screws and springs

Saddle height screw (metric): length:6mm

                                         : diameter: 2.4mm

Saddle intonation screws (metric, slot head): Top E, B, G strings: Length (inc. head): 26mm

                                                                 Bottom E, A, D strings: Length (inc. head): 21mm                         

                                                                                   All strings: Diameter: 2.9mm (same thread as GS-3324-005)

Intonation screw springs: Top E, B, G strings: Length :24mm

                                     Bottom E, A, D strings: Length : 20mm

                                     All strings: Diameter: 4mm

Bridge mounting screws: Length (inc.head): 25mm

                                   : Diameter: 4.2mm

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